New Music Videos

We give you two new music videos for “All Things New” & “What Happened?!” off our new album “1,000 Years (Like a Day) out now with Indie Vision Music. Enjoy & stay tuned for reunion concert announcements coming in 2020.

New Album Out Now!

Our new album “1,000 Years (Like a Day) is now available! Listen & download above or stream the album on any digital music streaming service of your choice. Enjoy!

New Album “1,000 Years (Like a Day) to be released on Valentine’s Day on Indie Vision Music!

1,000 years like a daycover

We will be releasing a new full length album with Indie Vision Music titled “1,000 Years (Like a Day) due out on Feb. 14th, Valentine’s Day, on all digital music sites!  We are really excited to share the new music with you guys & for those of you that still like to listen to CDs one is available by going to this link:

Here’s one of the new songs off the new album “First Sight”. Enjoy!

New Song & Reunion Show

We just released a new song entitled “All Things New” which you can listen to below on Bandcamp. The song was also part of Indie Vision Music “Family & Friends” sampler 3, which is available on all digital stores. Our reunion show is coming soon on July 22nd at Joshua fest in Quincy, California. Check out for details. Also, if you would like a Slow Coming Day t-shirt there are now some available by clicking here.


Slow Coming Day was an indie rock band from 2001-2006.  2018 marks the 15 year anniversary of our album “Farewell to the Familiar” being released with Tooth & Nail Records.  As the expression goes, time flies! In celebration of our album anniversary we will be performing a reunion concert at Joshua Fest in Northern California this July 20-22! Check out for more details.
Until then, here is “Watching It Fall Apart” played live on acoustic in Los Angeles.