“Quarantine Sessions” – 2020 (Indie Vision Music)

Track Listing:
1. Father, Friend
2. Ghost Town USA
3. Watching L.A. Fall Apart
4. Mid-Quarantine Nightmare
5. Loneliness Settles In
6. A Part of Me Died (acoustic)
7. A Mere Accident (revisited)

1,000 years like a daycover

“1,000 Years (Like a Day) – 2019 (Indie Vision Music)

Track Listing:

1. First Sight
2. 1000 Years (Like a Day)
3. Maybe
4. All Things New
5. Shoes, Ships, & Sealing Wax
6. What Happened?
7. Let Go
8. Like a Bolt of Lightning
9. Change


“Farewell to the Familiar” LP – 2003 (Tooth & Nail Records)

Track Listing:
01. Watching It Fall Apart
02. Pages Yet To Be Written
03. Captivated
04. A Midsummer’s Nightmare
05. In Silence
06. A Part Of Me Died
07. The Room Without Walls
08. Tight Wire And Cold Hands
09. Family Ties
10. Don’t Walk Away
11. Recollections
12. Behind Blue Eyes


“A Part of Me Died” EP – 2002 (The Hunter Records)

Track Listing:

1.  A Part of Me Died
2.  Page Yet To Be Written
3.  When Time Stood Still
4.  Loneliness Settles In
5.  A Loss of Innocence
6.  This Emotion



Emo Diaries Chapter 8 – “A Mere Accident” (Deep Elm Records)


Stepping Stone Volume 1 – “A Part of Me Died” (The Militia Group)


Strength In Numbers – “Pages Yet to Be Written” (Velvet Blue Music)


I’m Your Biggest Fan Volume 2 – “Loneliness Settles In” (Tooth & Nail Records)


The Nail Volume 1 – “Pages Yet to Be Written” (Tooth & Nail Records)


Family & Friends Sampler 3 – “All Things New” (Indie Vision Music)


The Great Indie Vision Music Sampler of 2019 – “First Sight” (Indie Vision)


Police & Paramedics EP (2005)

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace EP (2006)




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